Becoming a homeowner for the first time can be an exciting adventure. The following information will provide you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the process. Click on the section headers below for FAQs.

FHA Loans

  • •  30 Year Fixed Rate
  • •  Low Down Payments
  • •  Flexible Guidelines

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Loan Programs, Rates & Fees

When it comes to home financing, there are many different features to consider. How do you find the loan that’s best for you? Here’s some information to help.

Application Process

Applying for a mortgage can be intimidating. You’re asked specific details about your income, assets, and debts. Learn how that information is used when applying for a mortgage.

Your Property

When you buy or refinance a home, the property is used as collateral for the loan. Here’s what the lender is looking for and why.

Closing Process

When your loan is approved and your closing date has been set, here’s what to expect at closing and what happens afterwards.


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